Tom Prior is an independent Digital Product Designer and Design Strategist. Through a decade of design leadership, he has grown design teams both agency-side and in-house, most recently jumping into the world of Interim Leadership as Head of Design & UX at RSA Digital.

A keen supporter of the grassroots design community, Tom is a design mentor, co-organiser of UX Camp Brighton, and regular contributor to the UX Brighton community. In 2020 he started Designers in Business, a newsletter aimed at helping fellow designers build their business confidence.

We catch up with Tom ahead of his talk on Strategy &…

Steven Wakabayashi is the founder of QTBIPOC Design — an organization that provides free and accessible design education, mentorship, and networking opportunities to LGBTQ+ designers of colour. After leading creative teams on some of the biggest brands including Apple, Salesforce, Sephora, Mercedes-Benz, and Samsung, he is now dedicating himself to bring more diversity and equity to creative teams around the world.

We catch up with Steven ahead of his Masterclass and Festival talk at UX Fest.

UX Fest: What did 2020 teach you about design leadership?

Steven: 2020 was a true test of design leadership in so many ways. With…

Dr. Melissa Smith is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google, working as lead researcher for the Artist and Industry at YouTube Music. Previously, she worked on devices and controllers for Stadia (Google’s cloud gaming platform) and on the monetization and video watching experience teams for YouTube. Outside of work, Melissa actively volunteers with FIRST Robotics, an international non-profit aiming to get kids interested in STEM through annual robotics competitions. Melissa holds a PhD in Human Factors & Applied Cognitive Psychology from George Mason University.

We catch up with Melissa ahead of her Conference talk at UX Fest.

Melissa smiles to camera in front of bushes

UX Fest…

Krystal Higgins is a UX designer who helps connect people, products, and systems.

An area she’s been working on for years and is extremely passionate about, is the onboarding and guidance of new and existing users. She shares techniques for creating better onboarding experiences with designers around the world through articles, talks, and workshops. Krystal just published “Better Onboarding” with A Book Apart, a collection of user onboarding best practices and design strategies. Outside of her talks and writings, Krystal has designed all sorts of digital product experiences at companies like NVIDIA, eBay, and Google.

We catch up with Krystal…

David Dylan Thomas is author of Design for Cognitive Bias from A Book Apart and creator and host of the Cognitive Bias Podcast. Founder and CEO of David Dylan Thomas, LLC. He has developed digital strategies for major clients in entertainment, healthcare, publishing, finance, and retail.

We catch up with David ahead of his talk and masterclass at UX Fest.

UX Fest: What did 2020 teach you about design leadership?

David: I learned that leadership is very much about how you react. Not just to your own company, but to what’s going on in the world and create an understanding about what you owe the world, not just your shareholders.

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